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the other woman's journal. [entries|friends|calendar]
the homo formerly known as clit-tickling penis bib

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[05-06-07 | 03:44am]
i hear this dude cumpig is looking for some friends. he might add you in the near future - you should add him back. he seems pretty nice.

[05-06-07 | 01:32am]


[05-05-07 | 02:35am]
some of the best big scale stencil work i've ever seen. i like banksy, and he gets up in the hardest spots - but this person is clearly superior in terms of characteristic style.

[05-04-07 | 07:48pm]
i started reading order of the phoenix over this afternoon. then, after seeing ed, i ran into lisa outside the smoke shop while my mom was in buying cigarettes. i wasn't sure it was her, and i didn't want things to be awkward, so i sort of just looked at my hands and i don't think she saw that i saw her. but it was weird, and i wish i could have said something. i just don't know what to say in those situations. it is a shame, because she was my best friend in middle school. i don't know why i can't bring myself to talk to her.

"i saw lisa today / but we didn't say hello to each other / we're all moving pretty fast these days / bumpin' around like bumper cars."


eyeball skeleton is awesomes.... [05-04-07 | 01:43am]
this afternoon when i was on my way to finals this drunk guy got on the bus and was actin a fool, as niki might say. he asked some guy what time it was in a really belligerent way, and the guy was like BUS DRIVER - TELL THIS GUY TO SHUT THE FUCK UP! that was pretty funny. then the bus driver was all IT IS 4:15 - but he said it in a way that was like wtf are you doing drunk at 4:15 on my bus? so the dude sat down and stopped harassing people.

then i finished my final, so this semester is officially over. overall i'd say this was my worst semester, but i got a lot closer to nikki and started talking to jephry more. that's cool. i feel like i'm tapping into the uconn social network, very slowly. before you know it i'll be getting date raped at a drug infested fiesta. can't wait.

yay xanax!

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